Try your hand at different versions of Blackjack

Do you love playing blackjack? If you do you may have visited a regular casino to try your hand at beating the odds and winning some money to take home with you. But thankfully there is no longer any need to find the nearest casino to you when you want to have a game of blackjack. Provided you can get online you only have to visit Liberty Slots casino to get your choice of four sensational games of blackjack to try.

The odds for Perfect Pairs blackjack

For starters there is Perfect Pairs blackjack, which gives you odds on getting certain pairs in the cards you hold. A mixed pair pays out at odds of five to one for example, whereas you really could win it big with a perfect pair at thirty to one odds.

Play according to European Rules blackjack

If that sounds appealing why not try European Rules blackjack as well? As the name suggests this goes according to European rules instead of US ones, so you might appreciate the change in style.

Playing Progressive blackjack

Progressive Blackjack works with a progressive pot that can work its way up into six figures. Now that could lead to a huge payout if you turn up the right cards to win it big. Four aces of the same suit win the entire pot, so you know what you need to watch out for. But even two aces of any suit will win you a nice dollar prize so be sure to check the pay outs and see what you need to find to win.

Go for twenty one with Vegas Strip blackjack

And you also have Vegas Strip Blackjack, which brings back memories of playing in Vegas itself if you have ever done it. It pays out three to two and you can look forward to trying to beat the dealer as you go for the magic twenty one.

As you can see blackjack is far more than just blackjack when you play at Since you get more than just one simple game to try, you may find you prefer one particular type of blackjack to all the rest.

Why not play all four?

But then, if you are a real blackjack fan you will love playing all four versions of them from time to time. It keeps the game fresh and exciting and you can see which one you are most successful at. So why not start now with Perfect Pairs blackjack and see how much you could win?