Lucky Beans Slots

How many lucky beans could you amass in this game, we wonder? Lucky Beans does provide a clue to the theme of this game, which certainly takes its inspiration from Jack and the Beanstalk. Hence those lucky beans!

Wager Gaming is at the helm for this game, and they’ve worked hard to produce a good-looking slot that tells the story of Jack and his beans. Will you enjoy the chance to find some prizes here as well, though?

Reels and paylines formatting

With a format delivering five reels and 30 lines to bet on, you will see there is a lot going on in this game.

Coin values

The maximum amount you can bet on each line is five dollars. However, you can reduce that considerably to the minimum of just a cent on each line.

Lucky Beans special symbols

Jack was always going to appear in this slot, wasn’t he? It makes sense too that he would do so as a wild symbol. He will substitute other symbols to create wins for you. If five appear on an active line, he can also deliver the jackpot of 5,000 coins.

The game also includes a scatter that can access a neat feature, as you’ll see shortly.

Bonus features

So, where do those lucky beans come in? Well, as you play you will start collecting the beans you find. You must collect 200 in the basket shown in the game. Once you achieve this, the bonus game will begin.

Three levels can be played here. The first round consists of six doors and you get four picks to choose a door that hides a prize. If you win the prize, you go on to level two. This time, you are confronted with six treasure chests. You’ll only get three choices here though, so choose carefully to try and locate the prize. The final round shows six cauldrons. Just two choices are given here, and if you guess correctly there is another prize in it for you.

Finally, find the scatter on the second and fourth reels and you will trigger some instant win bonuses and free spins.

Download and play the Lucky Beans slot game today

Wow, this game has far more to look forward to than you might at first believe. Jack is on a mission to help you win prizes, so will you manage to do so?