Juicy Stakes Poker Rules for Dummies

Poker is a card game that involves betting by different players, the players will bet on the strength of their hands, online poker is often played in four rounds before the final ‘showdown’ when all cards are revealed and the winner is the one with the highest value depending on the rules of the particular poker game. There are many different poker games that have been developed over the years.

Hand ranking in poker

Poker hand ranking are different strengths of hands which determine the winner. Here are the hands from the highest to the lowest:

  • The best and strongest hand is a Royal Flush; this consists of Ace high to Ten of only one suit.
  • Then comes the straight flush, that is 5 cards of the same suit, for instance, 3,4,5,6,7 of hearts.
  • Then the four of a kind in a hand, sometimes more than one player will have four cards of the same rank or value, the highest four is the winner.
  • The full house consists of two cards of the same rank and three cards of another rank, once again if more than one play has a full house the highest ranking will be the winner.
  • The Flush consists of five cards of the same suit regardless of the card values.
  • The Straight is five cards in a sequence of mixed suits.
  • Three of a kind, of the five cards three cards will be of the same value.
  • Two pairs are two sets of pairs of different ranks.
  • A pair is two cards of the same rank in a five card hand.
  • A high card, is five cards of different ranks and suits and the highest card in the suit can be a winner.

The Different Types of Poker Games

  • In Texas Hold’em each player first received two cards that are called the hole cards, these are dealt fact down, and five community cards are then dealt face up. To win the pot you need to bet through the different rounds, of which there are four. Players play their best hands with their two hole cards and the cards on the table.
  • Omaha also uses community cards, but the hole cards are dealt face down and each player receives four cards. The five community cards are dealt face up; the game is played on four rounds. The object is to win the pot and each player uses two cards from their hand and three from the community cards to form the best hand.
  • The Omaha Hi-Lo has the same rules as Omaha, but with an added twist. The pot could be shared between a player that has a high (Hi) hand and a player that has a low (Lo) hand. The Lo hand’s highest card can be no higher than eight, no pairs and the Ace can count as a low card. Should there be no Lo hand then the pot will go to the next lowest hand. Players can form two sets of hands and win the Hi and the Lo hand earning the whole pot. See the casino for full details of this interesting game with a twist.

The Juicy Stakes Poker site has a full glossary of the poker terms, a new player who is not familiar with the game of Poker is advised to read it to gain a greater insight into the game.

Juicy Stakes Poker Rake

Juicy Stakes Poker Rake works the same as bricks and mortar casinos where a rake is removed from the real money pots; this is a gaming host fee. See the casino for more information on how this works. Playing poker can be fun and rewarding.