Is Online Blackjack As Good As The Real Thing?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and most people will be familiar with how it works, even if they have never played it. The idea is to get as near to the magic 21 as you possibly can, but you cannot go over it otherwise you lose the game.

The question is whether online blackjack is worth playing. Does it match up to the excitement of playing the game in a casino?

A real table experience

One thing you will notice about playing blackjack online is that it looks very similar to the normal casino version. The game screen is designed to look like a table, so you’ll soon forget you are sitting in front of your computer.

The various chips are normally indicated somewhere near the bottom of the screen, but of course it depends on what site you are playing at.

Are the rules the same as you would normally expect with blackjack?

You will usually find European blackjack as well as American blackjack games, so the rules can vary a little in that respect. But other than that the rules are the same as you will find in any normal casino.

This makes the game easy to play if you know the rules but you have never played online before. It is still wise to read the rules though if you are not used to the particular game you have chosen to play.

Is the excitement of the game the same?

Definitely! You don’t get any real time limits in which to decide whether to have another card or stick with what you’ve got. This prolongs the game and makes it more exciting as you consider the odds that may or may not be going in your favor!

If you have never played online blackjack before you might be pleasantly surprised at just how good it really is. Would you enjoy the ability to play in a virtual casino? Most people would and if you have played games at your favorite online casinos already you will certainly enjoy being able to try blackjack as well.

So if this is a first for you, make sure you enjoy it. Some websites have blackjack available to play for free, just in practice mode to begin with. Once you realize how good it is you’ll want to place some real bets as well.